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A variation of the traditional Irish Breakfast the Ulster Fry is a favourite for those accustomed to the way of life in Ireland's most northern province. Similar in many ways the standout differences involve the addition of the 'Potato Farl' & 'Soda Farl'!

Ulster Fry (Family Sized)

SKU: 002

Bundle & Save

  • What you'll find inside!

    • Kerrygold Butter (4oz)
    • Large Pork Breakfast Sausages (1lb)
    • Bacon Rashers (1lb)
    • Black Pudding (8oz)
    • White Pudding (8oz)
    • Potato Farl (4pk)
    • Soda Farl (4pk)
    • 1 x Box Button Mushrooms
    • Tomatoes On The Vine
    • 6 x Organic Brown Eggs
    • Barrys Tea
    • Irish Biscuits
Irish Breakfast Box
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