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Shipping Policy

The quality and safety of our product is of the utmost importance to us and we implement every recommended measure to ensure that your Irish Breakfast Box arrives in perfect condition. Please follow below to review our operating and shipping procedures as we take all steps possible to ensure the best customer experience and delivery of our products as we intended!

  • Our Irish Breakfast Box and included contents are assembled, stored and handled following strict operational guidelines compliant with local and national food safety standards.

  • To ensure the integrity of perishable items we require our boxes to be delivered within a  2 day window upon departing our facility.

  • All orders will be shipped on Wednesdays with the intention of delivery before the weekend.

  • The recipient must be available to receive the box on the day of delivery as the contents are temperature sensitive and cannot be exposed to unrefrigerated conditions for extended periods. (We do not recommend sending as a surprise gift without knowing the recipients availability to receive in a timely manner)

  • The courier may leave the parcel at the address if there is nobody home. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that there is either somebody home or the courier is authorized to leave the parcel at the shipping address. 

  • If the courier cannot make the delivery because there is nobody home or an incorrect shipping address was entered, we will be unable to refund the cost of the perishable goods if they are spoiled as a result. 

  • When ordering, please enter the recipients email and a phone number.

Shipping Options

We will be using USPS & UPS as our courier service.


Ground shipping (1-2 day) will be available to the majority of eastern states with UPS 2nd Day Air serving all remaining areas in the USA. Please refer to the map below to help decide which shipping option you will need to ensure 2 day delivery.

(Map is based on UPS & USPS estimations and are subject to change, we will reach out to you if any unforeseen shipping issue arises).


If you have any shipping questions before you order please feel free to email us at

Due to the nature of our contents we will not be able to ship internationally.


Ground Shipping Available (1-2 Days)

UPS 2nd Day Air  (1-2 Days)

Irish Breakfast Box
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