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Our traditional Irish breakfast black and white pudding - a delicious and hearty addition to any breakfast spread! Made with the finest ingredients and using time-honored recipes, our pudding is a must-try for any lover of Irish cuisine.


Our black pudding is rich and flavorful, made with a blend of pork, oats, and spices. It has a robust and meaty texture that pairs perfectly with eggs, toast, and bacon. Our white pudding, on the other hand, is a milder option that is made with pork, onions, and breadcrumbs. It has a creamy and subtle flavor that complements the other flavors on your plate.


Pack includes - White Pudding (8oz) x 4

                                Black Pudding (8oz) x 4


IBB B&W Puddings 8oz (8 Pack)

SKU: 010

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